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It all began in the spring of 2012 during a coffee shop meetup of the new  Goshen Makerspace.

After building an EMSL Egg-Bot we gained inspiration for the next big project...

"What if we redesigned, scaled up, and modified this to carve pumpkins?"

In 2 months we were able to complete our first working prototype design "punkinBoT v1.0" using a
pvc pipe and wood frame.

While the machine was a bit wobbly and temperamental,
it proved our concept could work.
It debuted at Detroit's Maker Faire July 28th and received Editors Choice Award 2012.

From August to October we worked on punkinBoT v2.0
This design utilized better build materials, simplified framework, and faster machine setup.
Our first on-site carving started with the Fort Wayne Maker Faire
and continued through October at Pumpkin Fantasyland in Ligonier.

In the spring of 2013, Watermelons were successfully tested for "off-season" carving use. Our next major demo was to re-visit Maker Faire Detroit.


 One stepper motor is assigned for each axis - X (rotate object), Y (arm swing up/down), Z (drill in/out)
Computer software converts vectorized designs into G-code that directs the cutting tool on where to carve.
G-code is used by Mach 3 to control the motor movement while carving.
Each pumpkin is mounted and centered using spikes above and below.
We measure its diameter and test the Y swing radius to follow the shape.
A spring loaded carver mount allows the bit to "float" over uneven parts - ridges, flat spots, etc.

Our robot only carves into the thicker outer layers for each design. 
This method allows more detail and a brighter orange glow than cutting completely through.
The entire setup/carve process is about 15mins start to finish.


punkinBoT Machines
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